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Hey there. Welcome to Ashley Stathes Photography!

My name is Ashley and I’m thankful you’re here. The three handsome boys to the left are my husband Branden and my two sons John Cruze and Ryland. I love them to the highest degree. To know me is to know them. They can make me laugh on a dime and all have a knack for creating amazing moments out of ordinary ones.

Before we go any further, here are a few things you should know: I live in Austin, Texas. I was born and raised in Dallas and my husband is a true Georgia boy, I mean do you see that souther hair swoop? We have been married 5 years!  You may have seen “that proposal”  a while back when the husband did a flash mob… well, that was Branden. Branden has been on staff with Young Life at the University of Texas the past 7 years and we both love filling our home with college students. I crave Blue Bell ice cream on a nightly basis, no joke. My body immediately starts dancing to any song by Boyz II Men and one of my dreams is to be a mom of a lot (like a lot) of kids.

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved pictures. They have the ability to put your mind, heart and emotions right back to when that picture was taken. I love that. Its probably my favorite part of being a wedding photographer. When you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary you’ll look back at your pictures. So many aspects of life will have changed yet your wedding day will still remain as your wedding day. The pictures you’ll look at on that day will help recreate so many beautiful memories. Stories will be told. Moments will be remembered. And you’ll get to relive it all over again. I am honored to play a part in that.