Rivals and soul mates! Meet Emma and Nathan. Nathan is a recent graduate of AggieLand and Emma is a recent graduate of the 40 Acres here in Austin. They are both the most genuine and precious souls out there. Gentle, playful, kind, and thoughtful only begin to describe them.

There was something special about this shoot and I was honored to be a part of it.

They are getting married the middle of December and are giddy to tie the knot.   🙂


Emma + Nathan Engagement002_Emma + Nathan Engagement004_2017-06-01_0003Emma + Nathan Engagement010_Emma + Nathan Engagement013_2017-06-01_0002Emma + Nathan Engagement028_Emma + Nathan Engagement039_Emma + Nathan Engagement031_Emma + Nathan Engagement038_Emma + Nathan Engagement043_Emma + Nathan Engagement050_Emma + Nathan Engagement053_Emma + Nathan Engagement059_Emma + Nathan Engagement072_Emma + Nathan Engagement067_2017-06-01_0001Emma + Nathan Engagement090_Emma + Nathan Engagement099_Emma + Nathan Engagement103_Emma + Nathan Engagement107_

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